Design's Chips 2011


At the end of May 2011 a very original event has been organized by Scicche to present itself and its designers to the city of Arezzo (Tuscany).


Design’s chips“, that was the name of the event (“Schegge di Design” in Italian), that took place in a very fancy glasses shop in Arezzo: “Ottica Eyes”. Said shop, thanks to its style and its location gives a eyesight to the world of glasses but also to the word of design. For this collaboration Scicche has to thank Barbara, the shop owner, who opened the door of this serene corner, with its very own zen garden, right in the city center.


Many visitors had the chance to taste the environment and Scicche’s collections while having a glass of Champagne. The event has been advertised on many newspaper, invitations have been sent and it has also been reviewed on a TV interview.